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Welcome to our new website!
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Science Fair Week
Science Fair Week Nov.18-19-20th
Thanksgiving Potluck on Nov.20th
We would like to ask for the following items from each class:

6-USC: Snacks, appetizers, chips
6-MIT: Fruit and vegetable trays
7-HARVARD: Bread rolls, buns, and condiments
7-STANFORD: Dessert and salad
8-YALE: Beverages, forks, spoons, and napkins
8-UCLA: Beverages, forks, spoons, and napkins
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Magnolia Science Academy 6 - Palms

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We are moving forward with the
support of our communities to
continue providing a top-notch
educational program that will help
prepare our kids to succeed in
college and to become thriving
citizens of a global
economy. Read More » John Terzi,Principal


Magnolia Science Academy 6-Palms

Welcome to our website!

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